Marketing: A Story, A Connection, and An Experience.

A Story, A Connection, An Experience

In this modern world of marketing, I am going to talk about the underlying truths of Marketing, the old and new, the traditional and digital, the marketing formulas: CATT Marketing funnel, integrated marketing, and the power of personal branding.

This article is useful for bloggers, professionals, students, freelancers, mentors, and entrepreneurs — basically everyone.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Whenever I read an article on Modern Marketing, I see people writing ‘there has been a drastic change in marketing over the years’ or ‘technology has changed every aspect of marketing’; I always think why do people think so?

The way of doing Marketing has definitely changed, but the very definition of Marketing remains the same. It is still about understanding our customers, and their needs, it is about capturing an image in people’s minds, it is about making selling a superfluous process. Isn’t it?

People need air, food, shelter, clothing, water, which are the necessities to survive, and then there are needs of gaining knowledge, recreational activities, entertainment which may satisfy their survival needs. Marketing is everything that we see around us, and I quote from a book called ‘This is Marketing’ by Seth Godin’s, “Marketing, more than a lake or a forest, is the landscape of our modern lives”.

So is Marketing that simple? No. Understanding customer needs is not always that simple. Customers aren’t fully aware of their needs, at most of the time they do not even know what they want in a product, and that’s where marketers come, that’s where the concept of marketing plays a vital role. Marketers need to spread the right message to the right person at the right time. And this is why I decided to do an Internship with since he is India’s Best Digital Marketer, not only that but to learn the concepts of Marketing and to apply them in the real world scenario making sure that I gain an edge to help customers get what they need.

Marketing has a very particular aim, that is to know and understand your customer so well that you know their desires. And what every marketer needs to do is to become a driver of its market, and to put forth a value proposition wherein the customer believes in your ‘Why’ first, and then the product.

Understanding Traditional Marketing and Modern Marketing (Digital Marketing)

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Marketing has been ever-evolving in terms of the difference in tools, platforms, products, and techniques. But the similarities can be easily seen.

Perhaps the easiest way to recognize some similarities is by looking at a billboard, then looking at Facebook Ads. They serve the same purpose, but what is better in the Digital world is that it reaches out to the exact target audience you want it to.

Or remember getting pamphlets in the mail or newspapers for local restaurants, holiday deals; a similar thing happens in the Digital world via Emails, or newsletters, again, what is better is they reach out to the potential customers who have signed up for the mailing list. This is to help cultivate a community and brand loyalty.

To become more customer-centric, there are new opportunities and new challenges that have emerged in the Modern Marketing world. The key is to understand the dynamics of the market scenario by studying the people in the segment that you are looking for. It is mind-boggling that by using the Internet as a powerful informational source one can reach billions of people worldwide. Marketers can collect richer information about the market and their prospects. Communication has become easier, thanks to the proliferation of special interest communities that can be built on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and so on.

With the help of the tools, platforms, and techniques these days, companies can gain the trust of people. In today’s Marketing world trust, versatility, professionalism, information on the economics of the market, knowledge of people, and your own market are all important to help your marketing campaign succeed.


Let me ask you a question here; Have you ever felt that you have done so much to improve your conversion rate, that you have targetted the exact market through the best platforms and still people are not buying? You might be following the best practices that there are to learn in this Marketing world. You might have got your content created in such a way that your readers can easily understand, yet you are unable to see the results you want?

Don’t worry, just stay with me for a little more information on this.

CATT Marketing Funnel

A Marketing Funnel describes the customer’s journey with you and your product or service. It begins with a customer learning about you, your business, and then goes ahead to the stage where the customer does a transaction with you. This kind of funnel can help you influence and help your customers, build trust, and create a stronger brand for you.

CATT Marketing Funnel is one of the best formulas to achieve what you want to and can be easily understood by the following,

CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n ^ CATT


n stands for niche,

C stands for Content,

A stands for Attention,

T stands for Trust,

T stands for Transaction.

What we generally do is we try to sell our products/services to everyone. We create our portfolio so big that people get confused. Hence, we should concentrate on one particular Niche (specialization or a subset of a particular market) to have a defined target audience.

Niche is a combination of Passion, Trust, and Market.

Finding your Niche

All of these three combined will surely give you benefits. If you have two of these, for example, if you have just Talent and Passion, you will become a struggling artist, because you are not willing to understand whether there is a need for your product/service or not; or if you have Market and Passion, you won’t be successful enough because you will be having no talent/skills required for it.

Only when you have the combination of Passion, Trust, and Market, you get your niche. So, once you are determined on your niche, you need to follow the CATT Marketing Funnel, create useful content that attracts your market, create blog posts, video, lead magnets, do live seminars. By the use of Social Media, SEO, Paid Ads, grab the attention of your audience. Build Trust, create your content in such a way that you make sure your audience sticks to you and trusts you, create trip-wires, marketing automation, and focus on retargeting. Once you choose the right niche, working on it will be passionate, fun, and you will never get bored of it.

So, now that you have a framework ready you need to drive this engine, and you cannot drive it just by doing Paid Ads, or Email Marketing. You will need a complete process of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing

If you look around you, everyone is extremely conscious about getting their audiences’ attention. Every individual brand or company is doing Digital Marketing. But when it comes down to us, we need to cut through the competition, while delivering value to our audience. Right?

By Integrated Digital Marketing you can tell your captivating stories to your customers and help people go through a buyer’s journey (CATT Marketing Framework). It circumscribes the idea of creating a unique approach that compliments each of your campaigns (Social Media, SEO, Email, Paid Ads, etc.), and links your campaigns to each other. With the help of one of your campaigns, the other one gets driven. For example, while doing your email marketing campaign you can redirect your user to your Content platform i.e. your personal brand, and use it to sell a product/service on your website.

It creates the same feeling of trust in every touchpoint of your customer with your brand.

Power of Personal Branding

To create a personal brand one should put some conscious and intentional efforts respective of your niche to influence your audience.

What is the result that you want?

It is definitely to have a larger impact on people, create a community a circle of influence, to elevate credibility, to have a position in the market as an authority in the industry. Right?

The process will involve trying to find unique things about you, to build your reputation, and to be known for what you do.

Best known will always out beat anything. — Grant Cardone

So how does a personal Brand evolve?

There is an amazing Mass Trust Blueprint that will take you through the whole process.

Learn — Learn a new skill, understand the concepts, remember the facts, and practice the procedures of it. Always believe in upgrading yourself. You know what they say right?

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other — John F. Kennedy

Work — Be persistent, work for yourself or others, practice the learnings to implementation, that is the key to building yourself.

Blog — Write everything, write what you have learned, what you have experienced. Writing is thinking through your fingers, it will enhance your thinking power and will help you write and talk better.

Consult — Now that you have learned and worked in your niche, it is time for consultation. Help others with your knowledge, grow with them.

Mentor — Learn, Do, Teach. It will not only help others, but it will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level.

Startup — After knowing, and experience, create your own product/service business with the understanding that you have developed over the years. Keep giving it back to the market which helps you become the person you are.

The secret of successful personal branding is to learn, experience, and teach consistently. You will be creating a depiction of ‘yourself’.

The Bottom Line

The goal is to create something that conveys a message. Marketing is all about conveying a message that you, your brand, or your organization wants to spread to the world.

Marketing is about the story, the story of you, your brand, your organization.

Marketing is about the connections that you build with your audience.

Marketing is about the experience that you take by learning, doing, and teaching.

Keep Learning.

Keep Inspiring.

P.S. Please share your valuable comments in the comment section below, so that we can learn, and grow together. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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